Workshop 1

Grassland fuels and fire behaviour

Monday 11 April, 9:00am to 12.30pm

Venue – Bureau of Meteorology, 700 Collins St, Melbourne

The aim of this workshop is to set out the current state of knowledge of grassland fuels and fire behaviour and to discuss areas of future research.

The workshop will focus on three main fuel aspects that affect grassland fire behaviour: curing, fuel load and fuel moisture. We will discuss recent advances in these areas including the development and application of MapVictoria, a curing map that combines satellite imagery and ground based observations and the results of grassland curing experimental burns conducted across eastern Australia. Following discussions at a fuel load workshop in Melbourne (2015), we will discuss fuel load and fuel structure; the effects on fire behaviour and how we might capture these variables in future.  

This workshop is targeted at anyone with an interest in grassland fire behaviour (fire managers, fire researchers, students, etc.). 

The pre-conference workshop is on the morning of Monday 11 April at the Bureau of Meteorology, which is a 15 minute walk from the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This will allow participants to also register for the Fire Weather and Risk Workshop, which is at the same venue in the afternoon.

Workshop 2

Fire Weather and Risk

Monday 11 April – 1.30pm to 5.30pm, followed by networking drinks.

Tuesday 12 April – 9:00am to 12:00pm.

Venue – Bureau of Meteorology, 700 Collins St, Melbourne

This workshop will focus on two main topics – smoke management; and ensemble and probability forecasting – within the overall theme of transitioning science to services.

Each topic will feature keynote addresses from experts in the field, addressing current operational practice, research trends and what best practice might be. The talks will be followed by plenary discussions led by knowledgeable and provocative facilitators. Speakers will be drawn from both the operational and research sectors, and we aim to also help the fire community learn from successes in other areas.

This workshop builds on previous similar fire weather and risk workshops in Busselton (2013) and Bowral (2011) and will appeal to fire and land managers and operational staff, policy makers and researchers.

This pre-conference workshop follows Workshop 1, and is on the afternoon of Monday 11 April and the morning of Tuesday 12 April, at the Bureau of Meteorology, a 15 minute walk from the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. An icebreaker function on the Monday night is included.