Field Trips

The Field Trips will take place on Friday, April 15th. Busses will depart MCEC at 8am and return at 4pm.

East Central Bushfire Risk Landscape Field Trip

The Victorian Government has adopted a risk based approach to bushfire management which combines strong community partnerships with the latest science and information to more effectively target actions to reduce bushfire risk. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, which is responsible for the management of public Forests and Parks in Victoria and has adopted this approach at a bushfire risk landscape level. This field trip will investigate how this is happening within what is known as the East Central Bushfire risk landscape. mime-attachment

3.3 million people live in the East Central landscape , as do many rare and threatened plants and animals and significant community assets including most of Melbourne’s water supply and nearly all of Victoria’s energy supply. Managing risk means managing risk to all these values.

This field trip will provide an overview of DELWPs approach, the complexity of the landscape, how DELWP works with partners and communities to get good results and how science drives this approach and continued improvement.

During this field trip we will travel into the Dandenong ranges and meet with community members, water authorities, local fire staff and ecologists and discuss how we make this vision, a strategy and how we implement this on the ground and measure our effectiveness.

Forest Fire and Fuels Field Trip – SOLD OUT

South east Australia’s tall Eucalyptus forests are the scene of some of the most catastrophic fires on earth, including the 2009 Black Saturday fire, Australia’s worst ever natural disaster which resulted in the loss of 173 lives and cost the community in excess of $4.5B. These forests are the home to Eucalypt forest in Victorianumerous rural populations, but at the same time are highly valued for recreation, timber and ecological values, and include the catchments that supply the city of Melbourne’s 4.5 million residents with drinking water. As a result, fire management in these forests must reconcile a complex interplay of objectives, maximising human safety, while maintaining ecological values and protecting critical ecosystem services such as water supply. On this 1 day field trip we will visit the majestic Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) forests to the north of Melbourne. Via a series of site visits and guest speakers from universities and agencies, we will explore the regions fire history, discuss fire management issues with key stakeholders, and visit current fire and fuel research sites. The bus journey will take in the beautiful Yarra Valley to the north of Melbourne, a renowned wine region. Lunch will be provided.

Field trip organisers; Gary Sheridan, Thomas Duff and Jane Cawson, School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, The University of Melbourne.